A New Look for a Familiar Face: 
Planning for Couples With Net Worth Between $5 Million and $10 Million

via NAELA News (National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys) 

Like well-worn slippers or a favorite armchair, credit shelter trusts (CSTs) have been reliable and familiar estate planning methods for couples whose assets are substantial — for purposes of this article, defined as between $5 million to $10 million. Gather the specifics, name the trustee, and generate the documents —and voilà — an estate plan is born!
With the grand entrance of portability, linked arm-in-arm with the indexed $5.34 million (the number for 2014) gift, estate, and GST tax exemptions, CSTs may look dowdy by comparison. After all, with the $5 million exemption, inflation indexing, and portability, the estate tax probably won’t touch these clients … right? …[READ MORE]