In order to plan properly for life’s turns, hard-to-have conversations should happen with sensitivity and compassion.

  • Preserving Autonomy for Elders

    Alternatives to Guardianship
    End of Life Issues
    Health Care Advocacy
    Home and Community Based Care

  • Facilitating Difficult Conversations

    Protecting Assets from Exploitation
    Giving Up the Car Keys
    Balancing Safety and Independence

  • Strategies for Protecting Assets

    Irrevocable Trusts

  • Caregiver Agreements

    Medicaid-Qualifying Annuities
    Burial Agreements
    Emergency Plans
    Gifts of Assets

  • Different Planning Approaches for Different Needs

    Married Couples
    Single Individuals

  • Nursing Home Care

    Home and Community-Based Care

  • Wills and Trusts

    Preserving and Protecting Your Assets
    Distributing Your Assets as You Desire
    Attending to the Unique Needs of Blended Families     
    Caring for Disabled Individuals through Supplemental    Needs Trusts


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Elder Law